Entry Gates to Samburu National Reserve

Samburu Game Reserve is situated 350 kilometers from Nairobi on the northern banks of Ewaso Nyiro river. The park borders Shaba Game Reserve and Buffalo Springs National Reserve and both are separated by Ewaso Nyiro River. This unique natural jewel covers 165 sqkm in size equivalent to 583 square miles. There are several entry gates to access the reserve. Using the correct gate during your trip to Samburu can save you hours of additional driving. Below we have a list of the main gates at Samburu reserve along with basic information on which lodges and camps are closest to the various access points. As for entry and exit timings, the entry timing is 6.00am and exit timing is 6pm, after which the gates are closed. It may be possible to enter or exit beyond these timings in exceptional cases with the permission of the reserve Warden, for example in case of a vehicle breakdown or maybe adverse weather causing road closures.

The Samburu National Reserve gates are well distributed at most convenient and popular places that lead to the Reserve. If one chooses go to Samburu by road, they can access the reserve on its 4 gates which are distributed to favour all guests entering the reserve at any point. When arriving by air, you will find gate services at the central airstrip. The airstrip is served daily to/from Nairobi by Air Kenya and Safarilink.

Archer's Gate

Archer's gate is one of the most developed gates in Samburu Game Reserve. This gate is located near Archer’s Post, just a few kilometres off the Marsabit highway. It is the main gate and most preffered because it is on the main road from Nairobi as well as from Isiolo Town. The best lodging options near Archer's gates includes Samburu Intrepids Luxury Tented Camp, Elephant Watch Camp, Samburu Riverside Tented Camp, Samburu Sopa Lodge, Samburu Sentrim Lodge and Lion King Safari Bush Camp.

West Gate

West gate is located on the western border of Samburu National Reserve with West Gate Community Conservancy. This amazing conservancy is covered by thorny acacia scrub, it is home to several thousand Samburu people and a healthy, and growing, population of large mammals, including up to 500 Grevy's zebras. The Conservancy is only accessible if you are staying at Sasaab Lodge; the conservancy's fees are included in the lodge's nightly rates.

Kalama Gate ( Kalama Conservancy )

Kalama gate is located in Kalama Conservancy which is 7km from the Northern border of Samburu National Reserve. The only lodging option in Kalama Conservancy is Saruni Samburu Lodge.

Uaso Bridge Gate

Uaso Bridge gate is mainly used when crossing the Ewaso Nyiro bridge coming from Buffalo Springs National Reserve, that lies opposite Samburu National Reserve on the southern banks of Ewaso Nyiro river in Isiolo County. The best lodging options near Uaso Bridge gate include Ashnil Samburu Lodge and Samburu Simba Lodge.

Central Airstrip Gate

The Central Airstrip gate is only accessible to all visitors arriving in Samburu by air. The airstrip is served by Air Kenya and Safari Link with daily scheduled flights to and from Samburu.

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Samburu Fly~In Safaris

Flying Safari package to Samburu are convenient due to the short one and a half hours flight versus the 5 to 6 hour road journey from Nairobi. Flights to Samburu being readily available, a flying package safari is possible to book for most Camps and Lodges. Flying to the Samburu is also recommended for those visitors who are short of time and want to enjoy game drives in Open sided safari vehicles.

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