plan your trip

Planning a trip to Samburu or for that matter a Kenya Safari can sometimes be a challenge due to the many options relating to evertyhing from reaching the reserve to booking accommodation and activities. The sections below try and simplify this process with relevant information on planning both your Samburu safari as well as your Safari in Kenya. In terms of when to go, know that there is plenty of game in the reserve all year round, though during the peak season which falls in early July to October the rates tend to be higher. Your tour plan will also include choosing a mode of transport to the reserve and selecting a suitable Camp or Lodge for your stay.

In order to plan your ideal Safari you will also want to check out our Hotels section which lists some of the nicer Tented Camps and Safari lodge in Samburu. You can also select which type of vehicles you will want to have during your time in Samburu, though if you book a Flying Package then you are restricted to the vehicle the camp will use for the drives.

Finally you can always Contact Us in case you need any advise or suggestions from our Team regarding your trip plan or in case you wish to book a property or your transfers to Samburu.