Camel Trekking Safari

One of the most refreshing and fun-filled experiences on Safari is exploring Kenya's wilderness on camelback. Unlike the traditional game viewing experience, a camelback safari in Samburu allows guests to get up-close with plains game such as zebra, giraffe, and ostrich. While on safari, you will walk or ride through some of the most remote and scenically beautiful land in Northern Kenya, with Samburu tribesmen and camels carrying the camp, or ride them through the dry riverbeds.

Accommodation while on a camel trekking Safari in Samburu is often in the form of mobile camps which move along with the planned ride. These camps are a not above basic camping and include comfortable bedding inside tents which may vary from deluxe type camps more rudimentary 2 or 3 man tents but with various facilities included such as freshly cooked meals and help with pitching camp.

Basic riding ability is a pre-requisite for fully enjoying a camel safari in Kenya. Camel trekking safaris are mostly offered by lodges and camps in Laikipia and Samburu in Northern Kenya.